Final Presentation

So at least we will show our final projects of this semester. Thank you All for having a nice and very productive semester 🙂

EAT – made by Daniel Ramos

Aspirin says AH!- made by Luisa Rodriguez

Hands on Type – Alegre ( touching the type you get a little electrical kick ) – made by Giselle Oviedo

IMAGINA – made by Juan David Gonzales

FAST – made by Sarah Samudio

AVISAME – made by Laura Ceron

KEEP PLAYING – made by Javier Guio

OUCH – made by Lina Giraldo

LOVE – made by Sebastian Castellanos

INVISIBLE – made by Michelle Exceus

POP – made by Juan Favid Peña

SE JUE – made by Radme Mahamud

SMILE (a bathmat) – made by Sandra Mendez

LUZ – made by Natalia Pizano