Deliverables for Feb 23 (to Italy)

By the 24th of february you should have sent us the concept images of your projects.
By concept image, we mean any visual support enabling us (and the reader of the magazine) to understand wha you have in mind.
(obviously we also imagine some captions and texts).
To enable us for some visual uniformity, we would ask you all images to be done in vectorial format (illustrator / vectorial pdf / dwg format…) , and it should be done in monochrome scale (using one colour). 
The final representation of the whole thing would refer to the example map you see on the website:
worth to mention is this fact that we might have to work on your images because of editorial needs.
in the magazine,
apart from the map with all the different ideas, 
we will have some exra-space to feature some previous works done by you and your students.


to have a conceptual link to the map,
it should be “previous work” with this features:
a) striking images
b) related to the city
c) dealing with real prototypes/things (we are not so fond for renders)
So, summing up, we’d like:
– a text or some texts (who are you / what’s your school and course about / who are  your students, etc)
– some images & captions & texts relate to previous works done with your students (related to the city)
– narrative images of your projects on Milan, with all the textual references you think coul help to understand (each  project should have one/two images. (this images ideally should be in vectorial format, monochrome).