Proyecto 2009-10


The Assab-One is an exhibition space located in an industrial complex of what was once a printing plant in Milan. This place will host for a week the project of  “Interactive Environments” a class by students from Los Andes University in Bogotá, Colombia. The idea of hosting implies knowing how technology has transformed social and cultural relationships today. Transformation doesn’t necessarily have a negative or positive description, it’s more about how people adapt and relate to the new definitions of everyday life. So what exactly is the meaning of hosting nowadays? If hosting has a contemporary meaning, how can this be translated not only to an interaction project but a reality in Milan? Hosting must go beyond language barriers and into a simplest and more basic manifestation; a hug. But what exactly is understood by hugging? Touching, rubbing , squeezing? A hug can be the simplest hello, even if there are language or cultural barriers simple gestures can transform a greeting into a nice and warm hello.

What is it?
The project involves not only a place, but the idea of bringing together different elements into the Assab-One. Interaction as a system; the idea of one building and various elements distributed all over the place, huggable objects related to color and the emotiveness of an action. What could be the real meaning of a hug? Is it measurable by type, pressure or temperature? The basic idea is to stimulate how contact between people and objects can cause a reaction not only to the actors but the environment. How can Milan be brought to the Assab-One? This involves not only the interaction in one place but the relationship between the inside-outside of the Assab-One.

How does it work?
The overall function of the project is a connected net of information and actions. While in one specific space takes place the action, in the rest of Milan, and the world,  people can relate to it by checking the constantly uploaded information of the activity that goes on at the Assab-One via flickr through the specified iPhone application created for this purpose.
The interactiveness takes place at the Assab-One in Milan, people will encounter objects to relate to all over the place, “huggable objects” that they can pet, rub, hold and even better, hug. With each simple approach, the huggable object will react to the person’s body heat, and intensity of the touch by creating a dialogue with color. So, the more you give your love, the more the object will be filled with colored light. All your approaches are responded immediately for you to appreciate.

The space of each room where we find these objects will be filled by the light that they project the most, for example: if in one room, people simply pet the objects, and they turn mostly a soft shade of blue then the room will catch on the majority’s color.

Now, while this happens inside the Assab-One, exciting things are happening all around Milan, so for those who are not at the Assab-One, there will be the iPhone API through which they keep in touch (spreading the love)

The iPhone application’s system is quite simple:

1.    You open the project icon on your desktop, the device connects to the web and access the database (photos & videos) previously uploaded to the specified pool, set, and flickr, properly tagged and geotagged.

2.    Once you’ve entered the Api, you’ll see the huggable objects represented on the colors that were most repetitive during each specific day, and by clicking on them we’ll have access to all material colected for that specific day.

The project emphasizes on human relations based on the idea of basic human gestures. Hugging and expressing emotions with the arms and hands can be more meaningful than known language limitations. As being part of an international project and working from a remote location (Bogotá) the transmigration of cultural behaviors is the basis of the project.

files: iphoneappstoryboard