The Forest Feast (El Banquete del Bosque)

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The first step in the project intended to understand the domain, what is the reality of the context we’re are working and what had already be done to solve this particular situations. As the research advanced our group chose to work with growers and farmers who had no land as a consequence of the inner conflict our country struggles.

This decision lead us to work with the new urban production projects directed by local government authorities.

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As we approached to the Urban Agriculture project we evidenced that several steps were needed in order to become part of it or even to get the instructions to become an urban grower.

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The experience also gave us some insights and useful information about the motivations and benefits people had when they did this urban growing experience, we learned is not always done to get food to solve their feeding needs, some of these people did it because they wanted to grow their own food and have the power of taking the decision of what is they are feeding from, some others realized this way they could preserve those our cultural heritage before it was replaced for new food technologies.

All of these insights lead us to one particular conclusion, these people is already practicing urban agriculture and the have developed some great practices so how can we take this we learned here and apply it to other communities that create a larger impact in the way people consume food?


We began working with kids, the future consumers which we wanted to influence in order to create a long term impact, we wanted to understand how could we develop and design a significant experience for them, what would trigger those things that would imprint their memories.

(Video 1 prototipo)

Our first prototype was made to evidence and prove kids would eat vegetables gladly if they were presented differently to kids, it was intended to demonstrate kids would use what they grow and learn they could use urban grown food as alternative to bought food. But something different came out from this prototype, kids not only would enjoy eating vegetable, they would learn how they look, we found little kids don’t know were the food comes from and how do they look.

Our second prototype was now focused on making something that revealed the origin of food to the kids and making it in a fun way, also that with those harvested ingredients they could make their own food.

Once we made this we found we had to take this experience somewhere it would be easy to replicate, making it at home would end probably in withered plants, so we took to a restauran who already had the experience in making food with kids, this place is called Archie’s, a italian like restaurant were they make pizza with kids.

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When we learned how they did it we started to question our selves how could this be done in order to be something we could introduce to the restaurant service, and we thought of this new service only as a kids party since the production of it would need some time to get it prepared since they would need to grow.

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The first thing we did was the metaphor and the story that would give sense to this new universe we created, also this story had to tell the kids why were they doing it so the whole experience wouldn’t go unnoticed, then we had to plan the series of events and create the blueprint of the service in order to know which steps to follow every time the service was required.


Now in order to have this new service specified and could be replicated we needed two things a manual that gave the parameters of use of graphic applications, the size and amount of objects needed to make it happen and the instructions of how it had to be done.

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And the second thing we needed to design was the storyboard of a successful experience so it would be replicated every time Archie’s did it.

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This project was done by

Ana María Marín

Oscar Daniel Rodríguez