Eres lo que comes

Finding our workspace

Defining our limits



Knowing people, their habits and their knowledge


Entrepreneurship (Celebrating Producers)


Surtifruver is a colombian enterprise, that found an opportunity by bringing to the city the freshness and values of the country. The target are the women from the city of Bogotá, who seek for nice places to buy fruits and vegetables. Surtifruver put it’s efforts in achieving differentiation through variety and the relation between cost and quality. In a short period of time Surtifruver exands itself and opens new stores in Bogotá and one in Cali. The goal of this entrepreneur is to enter in the international market, holding tight to his principles and values of loyalty, respect, commitment, honesty and excellence.

Homeopathic Pigs (Celebrating Producers)

A business man in Colombia started a pig’s farm where the animals are treated with homeopathic medicine and fed with organic food. This way of racing pigs results in a system that allows the farm to use all of it’s products and wastes. The feces and urine are processed in order to make manure, or methane that provides heat to the farm. This farmer puts his effort to create and promote practices that are friendly to the environment and allow the pigs to grow in a way closer to their nature.


Remittance (Communities and Networks)


Foreign who send money to their families in the developing countries. As it is very common to find families divided in the country and inside the city, the system of remittance could be applied to this relations.

Urban sellers (Transport and Traceability)


To many farmers and ambulant salesmen the Renault is a mean of transportation as well as a selling point. The car stays in a particular zone or moves around a neighborhood promoting the product via recorded audios or voice.

Where is the gap?

The gap is created by the lack of information and consciousness of final consumers about their own land and the products it has to offer

The distance relies in the culture

Understanding our culture

Finding the media

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Prototype: Finding ways to communicate

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Creating messages directed to the final consumer

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Defining the rules for the publication



“You are what you eat…” is a publication that is delivered monthly to the  loyal costumers of a supermarket. The booklet contains
a summary each customer’s purchases during the given month. The messages conveyed in the booklet are determined by the specific purchases each costumer does.
The purpose of this project is to narrow the gap between the final consumer and the different parties involved in the production,  transportation and distribution processes of food. This strategy will increase the customer’s awareness of the socioeconomic and health implications of its decisions.
This publication promotes conscious shopping habits and encourages individuals to monitor their intake of food. Simultaneously, it works as a thermometer that informs the costumer about current developments of its shopping habits.

Publication specifications

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Consumption and Production


Group Members:

Luis Eduardo Alzate Cuervo

William Eduardo Avila Jimenez

Manuela Murrle Botero

Jenniffer Franco Nieto