Campo a la Carta Project.




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Seeks to promote Fair Trade in Spain. It is composed of 34 organizations importers and shops.
It is in constant struggle:
Facilitating the communication between the organizations.
Represents its members before state and international agencies.
Promotes activities and initiatives to help promote Fair Trade.
This trade has given them an alternative to farmers and small entrepreneurs to have access to a market that in other way would have been impossible for them.
Program that promotes exports and local market products, organized and fair trade markets
The two project objectives:
1. Improving the competitiveness of small businesses and medium producers in export value chains with strong demand for organizational products and fair trade markets.
2. Improve the capacity of Associations Promotion Board of Central American exports to support producers who want to export products to organized and fair trade markets
Having a regional vision facilitate regional sharing of knowledge and market relationships
The benefits will be for small farmers and farm medium organizations in Nicaragua and Honduras.
Engineers of the Politecnic Institute Rensselaer, have developed an earth-friendly insulation made ​​of water, flour, minerals and fungal spores.
This product seeks to replace the pink insulation currently used in homes, making it an ecological alternative.
Greensulate is an organic unique material, there is low Energy and cost involved, In comparison with an insulation material currently used is very low.
They seek to put in disposal and builders and large businesses to industrialize and handle help the planet
Farmers’ Markets are an ecologie network that guarantees the farmers a fair wage for their products in exchange for the commitment to increase its supply of well organized with the guarantee of don’t employing little boys or elder people.
Design by the Holcim Foundation of Colombia and the Colombian Association of Agropecuarian Producers (Agronit).
Their purposes are eliminate expensive middlemen products by connecting the producer with the consumer.
This projects is situated in the city of New York Where because of the density of the population and the reduce space in which the habitants are distributed, it is not possible the agriculture in large fields, what force the citizens to import food from faraway places generating contamination by the use of transport.
This proposal of Urban Agriculture is based on the use of 5000 hectares of New York Building ceiling  that count with the qualities required to establish hydroponic crops. What is interesting about these project in particular is the use ofalternative energies like Vegetal Soil, Solar and Eolic and also how the process is all a close system bringing very few elements from the outside. Also the use of the Vertical space and the control of the growth of the plants to maximize efficiency.
To try to visualize the impact that an implementation like this would make on these society we could take a lot at the following statement: “ if all the ceilings of the city of New York Where implemented with these systems they would be able to provide food to 15 million people” that’s more than the actual population of the city.
The second most profitable company Colombia. It has been catalogued as the most successful cooperative company in the country.
COLANTA is an example for all other companies in our context, because it generates thousands of jobs for a lot of peasants. this company generates guaranties that no other company offers  like stability of price in the different seasons, and the guaranty of always selling your products, It also generates different types of training in the areas of agriculture that help peasant to produce a product of higher quality and this way guarantee their product to be high cuality as well.
What is special about this company is the support that they give to peasants, and the importance of this support in terms of sustainability for their country. It shows that companies can be very profitable without using heave machinery that isn’t good for the soil and environment.
The company functions as the center, of a big cooperative group of little peasant. This way it collects the products related with milk and meat in all the country then test this product for high quality, using these systems the company is helping the peasant to compete in a big market that otherwise will surpass them in terms of costs. The company prevent mass migrations of peasant to big cities generating poverty, violence and a lot of social problems that right now are already very common.
The change in the production methods, because of the technology revolution of the XX century, and the increment of population has taken the big agriculture enterprises to produce in mass, and without regard in human health, using big machinery that isn’t good in terms of sustainability.
Today these problems are getting more and more noticed, and people are starting to get aware of the harm they are doing to their body and their planet. But the Question is about, how can we change this?
What I think is important about this situation is that people realize that they are the ones that have the POWER to turn around this situation. This inspiration is about enabling the consumer by using communication methods to distinguish between products, to have a choice, and this way change the rules of market, and create new behaviors in them. And this way educate people towards responsible practices, and by chain reacting create responsible ways to produce our food.
Juan Pablo Cruz
Natalia Duarte
Sonia Castiblanco